Aluminum Alloy drilling pipes

Aluminum Alloy drilling pipes

Material: Super High Strength Aluminum Alloys

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Product Details

Material: ZY-7055 High Strength Drilling Pipe Aluminum Alloys

Compared to conventional steel drill pipe,aluminum 7055 alloy drill pipe has competitive advantages in weight,specific strength and anti-corrosion. In the condition of certain drill capacity,adopting aluminum drill pipe could get to the depth which steel pipe could not reach.High reliability aluminum alloy drill pipe is developed by the new method of connecting to steel joints and high temperature assembly technology,which makes it improve the fatigue resistance when working in deep well, inclined well and large displacement horizontal well.Examples proves that high reliability aluminum drill pipe has excellent application prospect in deep well,directional inclined well and horizontal well.


Advantages of ZY-7055 Aluminum Alloys

 »  Light weight,1/3 of steel drill pipe.
 »  H2S & CO2 corrosion resistance 
 »  Flexible aluminum drill pipe has perfect fatigue resistance,its fatigue life exceeds wear life.
 »  Aluminum drill pipe has non-magnetic characteristic, which is useful for magnetic logging,its available to install aluminum drill pipe with no steel joint in logging section
 »  Aluminum drill pipe has little frictional resistance with the wall of well,which can reduce the drill sticking. 
 »  In the condition of same hole curvature,the bending stress of aluminum drill pipe is far less than steel drill pipe,so its suitable for the drill of inclined well,small bending radius directional well and largedisplacement horizontal well.

Super High Strength Aluminum Alloy Performance Parameters 

Grades Condition Density



ZY-075 T6 2.8 620 560 11 150 70 36
ZY-055 T6 2.85 700 650 10 180 70 30
ZY-036 T6 2.88 720 670 9 190 70 28
ZY-034 T6 2.89 750 730 8 215 70 25
ZY-015 T6 2.9 815 767 4 220 70 20
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