Controlled Expansion Alloy Factories

Controlled Expansion Alloy Factories

The expansion alloy usually contains more than a dozen elements, and the composition is very complex. The alloying elements improve the thermal strength and thermal stability through solid solution strengthening, second phase strengthening and grain boundary strengthening respectively. By adding chromium, cobalt, tungsten, and molybdenum Equal high melting point elements form solid solution and play a role in solid solution strengthening. Expanded alloys are used to manufacture important parts such as combustion chambers, tail nozzles and some turbine disks, high-pressure compressor disks, etc., but in the two most important positions of gas turbine engines, the turbine guides Deformed superalloys have been replaced by expanded alloys on blades and rotor blades, starting to give way to powdered superalloys on turbine disks.
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Tianjin Zuoyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in advanced metal material preparation technology research and high-performance metal material development, production and sales. Mainly produces high-silicon aluminum alloy and superhard aluminum alloy, including alloy raw materials, bars, pipes, plates, profiles and so on. Widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, automotive, machinery and petroleum industry and other sophisticated fields.

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We have been sourcing high-silicon aluminum alloy from Tianjin Zuoyuan for several years now, and their consistently top-notch quality has been instrumental in our aerospace projects. Their dedication to precision and reliability sets them apart in the industry.


The superhard aluminum alloy products from Tianjin Zuoyuan have truly exceeded our expectations. We rely on their materials for our cutting-edge electronics manufacturing, and they've never let us down. Excellent products and exceptional service!


Tianjin Zuoyuan's high-silicon aluminum alloy products have played a pivotal role in our advanced machinery manufacturing. Their consistency in delivering high-quality materials and their attention to detail make them our go-to supplier.


As a leading player in the petroleum industry, we demand the best materials, and Tianjin Zuoyuan consistently delivers. Their superhard aluminum alloy products have improved our drilling operations significantly, and their partnership approach is truly valued.

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