Zuoyuan high silicon aluminum alloy

Zuoyuan high-silicon aluminum alloy material (silicon content 27%-70%), cost-effective, high practicability, by increasing the supersaturation of Si in the aluminum matrix, the formed silicon particles reinforced aluminum matrix composite material. High-silicon aluminum alloy materials with different properties can be obtained by adjusting the volume fraction of silicon, with low thermal expansion coefficient CTE, low density, high thermal conductivity, good electrical conductivity (with excellent electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference shielding performance), high hardness, excellent thermomechanical stability, high density, easy machining, easy plating protection, compatible with standard microelectronics assembly process, etc.

AlSi25 (Silicon content 20%-25%)

 »  Automotive engine cylinder liner;

 »  Piston;

 »  Rotor;

 »  Brake disc;


 »  Large engine (6 cylinders and above) Marine engine;

 »  Motor racing (F1, rally, heavy motorcycles, go-kart, model engines, rowing, motorcycles, etc.);

 »  Off-road vehicles;

 »  Electric vehicle


 »  For flight applications, AlSi42 is used in hybrid electronic packaging;

 »  For semiconductor applications, AlSi42 is used for pick-up and placement assembly of semiconductor systems;

 »  For satellite communication applications, the AlSi42 shell replaces Corval alloy;

Application field

 »  Microwave detection;
 »  Semiconductor;
 »  Satellite communications;


 »  In the application of satellite communication, AlSi50 microwave module replaces the materials such as Kova.

 »  In the field of microwave millimeter wave, AlSi50 amplifier shell and RF microwave TR module can replace metal materials such as Covar alloy and titanium;

 »  In the field of optoelectronics, AlSi50 amplifier shell, laser substrate and other materials can be replaced by other materials.

Application field

 »  Aerospace;
 »  Radio frequency microwave;
 »  High-power component packaging in optical fiber communication, optoelectronics and other fields;



 »  In radar communication system, AlSi60 carrier replaces Kovar alloy;

 »  In the field of optoelectronics, the optical fiber shell of AlSi60 can replace other metal materials such as corvage;

 »  Optical applications, laser substrates, mirrors and optical systems;

Application field

 »  Radar communication;

 »  Optics, the field of optoelectronics


 »  In communication system application, AlSi70 TR module replaces copper-tungsten alloy;

 »  In the military industry, AlSi70 sensor carrier replaces copper-tungsten alloy;

 »  For aircraft applications, AlSi70 resistor encapsulation catheter replaces traditional plastic;


 »  Communication;
 »  Military industry;
 »  Aerospace;