A new class of hypereutectic silicon-aluminium alloys

By means of the rapid solidification process,a new class of silicon-aluminum(hypereutectic silicon-aluminium alloys) alloy materials with high rigidity, good thermal conductivity and excellent resistance to wear and tear predestine can be reached.This high-performance material for a wide range of applications in engines and gearboxes.These novel aluminum alloys are currently being used for cylinder sleeves,brake drums,connecting-rods as well as inlet valves.And there is no end to other possible fields.

The material of the future has to be ecological, rigid, dimensionally stable and yet light-weight.This is what science and industry demand. With the combination of excellent high temperature strength, its exceptional dimensional stability, its low thermal expansion – and all of these qualities embodied in an extremely light-weight material with 100% recycling – all these properties also predestine our aluminum alloys for applications in units where high rotation speeds are involved.

Product showcase: