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AlSi Alloys

ZuoYuan AlSi alloys include: Silicon content: 27% 42% 50% 60% 70%and 80%,mainly used in electronic semiconductor.

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Si/Al Alloy

Lightweight,Superior Wear Resistance,Environmentally Friendly Solution to Automobile Lightening

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Tianjin Zuoyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in advanced metal materials preparation technology research and high-performance metal materials development, production and sales in one. Zuoyuan has deep knowledge and rich experience in aluminum matrix composites and can provide solutions for high performance aluminum alloy products.

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Application Industry
Zuoyuan develops and produces rapid solidification aluminum alloys with high properties.
Zuoyuan high performance spray forming aluminum alloys are widely used in aviation, aerospace , defense and military industry.
Due to the low specific weight, high corrosion resistance and outstanding technological properties, Zuoyuan spray formed aluminum alloys are widely used in automotive, motorcycles and racing industry.
Zuoyuan alloys such as AlSi alloys, Al6061 and super high strength aluminum alloys are suitable for use in medical industry.
Because of outstanding performance, Zuoyuan alloys are widely used in optical &fiber communication.
By means of advanced rapid solidification technology, Zuoyuan super high strength aluminum alloys offers superior performance to standard aluminum
Frequently Asked Questions

We can provide block, bar, pipe, plate, machined part, plated part and finished parts as customers’ requirements.

Yes. This alloy with the silicon below 60% can be successfully welded by TIG, MIG, laser and electron beam technology. For the alloy with higher content of silicon, other joining technologies can be adopted, e.g.: FSW, diffusion bonding or brazing. We can provide all customers with the secrets of technologies applied in these processes, and give the correct methods and instructions according to the specific application.

Yes. All silicon-aluminum alloys can be chemically plated, plateable with Au, Ag, Cu, Ti etc.

None. Zuoyuan production method can remove all porosity.

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