Technology Introduction
Rapid solidification is a further optimization on basis of spray forming process(also called spray deposition), it is similar with atomization comminuting process, it is a metal forming process that spews molten, atomized metal at a rotating substrate to form a metal ingot or billet. The high solidification rate of the process results in the relative density reaches above 99.2%.After following hot working(forge,roll,extrude or HIP),the materials are machined to be dense products.Compared to conventional technology, rapid solidification has the features of high precision,homogeneous microstructure, excellent properties and low cost,widely used in many high-end fields.
Microstructure Comparison
Material Variety and Integrity

The Microstructure Comparison between Rapid Solidification AlSi Alloys and Conventional Casting AlSi Alloys
Due to the rapid solidification process,the materials offer many advantages, such as homogeneous composition,refining microstructure,no macrosegregation and low oxygen content.Compared to conventional casting,forging and powder metallurgy process, rapid solidification technology could produce the alloys not to be realized by casting with short production routes,simplified processes and high deposition efficiency.
♦ High density metal materials have better strength.
It can be seen from the microstructure in the left figure that the traditional casting process AlSi alloy is dendritic. The silicon phase of AlSi alloy with rapid cooling by Zuoyuan is equiaaxial, and the grain distribution is uniform, which greatly improves the comprehensive performance of the material.

Electronic Packaging Process
Raw Material
Using high quality aluminum ingot with pure surface and no internal inclusion, aluminum silicon alloy raw materials with different silicon content can be prepared by precise addition of silicon element
Rapid Cooling Ingot
High performance silicon aluminum alloy produced by rapid cooling technology has uniform composition, fine structure, no macrosegregation and low oxygen content. Its relative density can reach more than 99.2%.
Cut Into Pieces
The quick-cooling ingot billet is divided into blocks according to the product size and customer requirements. After special processing, it becomes semi-finished product.
According to the size of the product, the block material needs to be further cut into aluminum silicon alloy plate or sheet, convenient processing and material saving.
Precision machining of AlSi alloy according to customer requirements and product drawings to ensure the best quality.
The workpiece plating, aluminum silicon alloy easy plating: with gold, silver, copper, nickel plating performance is good.
Electronic Packaging
For electronic packaging, high silicon aluminum alloy as the base of electronic packaging materials, shell, box body, cover plate, good matching, can provide better heat dissipation, can greatly extend the service life of high-power packaging module.
Finished Product
Zuoyuan high silicon aluminum alloy material specifications are: silicon content 27%, 42%, 50%, 60% and 70%, in microwave power devices, integrated power modules, T/R modules and other electronic power device packaging to play an excellent performance.
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