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We can provide block, bar, pipe, plate, machined part, plated part and finished parts as customers’ requirements.

Yes. This alloy with the silicon below 60% can be successfully welded by TIG, MIG, laser and electron beam technology. For the alloy with higher content of silicon, other joining technologies can be adopted, e.g.: FSW, diffusion bonding or brazing. We can provide all customers with the secrets of technologies applied in these processes, and give the correct methods and instructions according to the specific application.

Yes. All silicon-aluminum alloys can be chemically plated, plateable with Au, Ag, Cu, Ti etc.

None. Zuoyuan production method can remove all porosity.

Yes. All AlSi alloys can be machined easily, such as CNC, EDM, wire cutting etc.

Zuoyuan AlSi alloys are processed by rapid solidification technology, a further optimization on basis of spray forming process(also called spray deposition).

As a low thermal expansion aluminum alloy, AlSi alloys can replace: It can replace some low CTE materials, e.g.: Kovar with relatively heavy weight; It can replace the materials with low CTE and high thermal conductivity, e.g.: copper-molybdenum, copper-tungsten and copper, whose weight is a problem; It can replace the standard aluminum alloy because of higher stiffness and lighter weight; If there is requirement of structure stability, it can be combined with the property of metals and ceramic materials and operated within some extent of temperature range.

AlSi alloys have the advantages of light weight, low thermal expansion, high thermal conductivity, which can be machined, electroplated and welded in normal procedure. These special properties cannot be provided in any other material.

Silicon-aluminum alloy(AlSi alloys) is a kind of binary alloy consisting of silicon and aluminum, in which the content of silicon ranges from 17% to 85%, its also called CE alloys in some countries.

widely used in various state-of-the-art fields,such as aerospace,defense,automotive,
electronics,machinery and oil industry etc.