Application advantages of silicon aluminum alloy materials

Zuoyuan high silicon aluminum alloy material (silicon content 27%-70%), cost-effective, high practicability, by increasing the superssaturation of Si in the aluminum matrix, formed silicon particles reinforced aluminum matrix composites. High-silicon aluminum alloy materials with different properties can be obtained by adjusting the volume fraction of silicon, with low thermal expansion coefficient CTE, low density, high thermal conductivity, good electrical conductivity (with excellent electromagnetic interference/radio frequency interference shielding performance), high hardness, excellent thermomechanical stability, high density, easy machining, easy plating protection, compatible with standard microelectronics assembly process, etc.

Zuoyuan's high-silicon aluminum alloy material specifications are: silicon content 27%, 42%, 50%, 60% and 70%, mainly used in electronic packaging, in the microwave power device, integrated power module, T/R module and other electronic power device packaging to play an excellent performance. The use of high-silicon aluminum alloy as the base, shell, box body, cover plate of electronic packaging materials, good matching, can provide better heat dissipation, can greatly extend the service life of high-power packaging modules, and increase reliability. The material has the characteristics of light weight, (density 2.4-2.7 g/cm ³), high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion, high stiffness, good machining and surface plating performance and welding performance, good material densification, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and so on.

Zuoyuan uses rapid cooling and subsequent processing technology to provide a range of electronic packaging services from research and development, production, post-machining, electroplating, etc.