High Performance Al-Si Alloys For Automotive Industries.

The innovative car concepts placed more requirements to car manufacturers and suppliers with the growing public awareness on fuel consumption and car emissions.In spite of some customers demand on high performance,car size,extra comfort that boost the weight spiral,car companies try to respond by new concepts,including the consequent light-weight car design to reduce the car weight or carry out the usage of electric cars.


Tianjin Zuoyuan New Material Co.Ltd established the aluminum-silicon solutions for not only the smaller cars but also for the heavy-duty truck.The lighter weight aluminum silicon alloys were involved in the most of automotive assemblies.As a versatile material,the aluminum-silicon alloys are extremely exploited in automotive industries.Our company is a leading-edge silicon aluminum alloys manufacturer, distributing a wide range of AlSi products as Al-Si alloys and Ultra-strong Aluminum alloys,such as connecting rods,bearing caps,cylinder liners,oil pump gears; Structure components and etc.In addition,on customers’ request,other operations are also arranged.


The alloys are composed by the weight of 17% to 35% silicon.The aluminum-silicon alloys benefits and features,including the low specific weight, high corrosion resistance,brilliant wear behaviour,adjustable coefficient of thermal expansion and outstanding technological properties.