AlSi Alloy Cylinder Liners

AlSi Alloy Cylinder Liners

Material: Al-Si Alloys

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Product Details

Product Description: AlSi25, Condition:T6


Main Features:

 »  The good compatibility of thermophysical properties between AlSi alloy cylinder liners and aluminum alloy pistons could realize  “no clearance cylinder”and “all-aluminum engine”,which will reduce the risk to avoid the failure of piston thermal etching“burn  the top”,cylinder score”and”cylinder sticking”.AlSi alloy has been the main material of new type automobile cylinder liners.
 »  Zuoyuan adopts rapid solidification technology to raise the overall properties of alloy, which makes AlSi alloy cylinder liners have more technical advantages and competitiveness.
 »  AlSi cylinder liners could lower oil consumption,having properties of anti-vibration,noise damping and high thermal conductivity.
 »  The weight of controlled expansion alloy cylinder liners is much lighter. Because of the low density of AlSi alloy in automotive industry,1 kg AlSi alloy could replace 3 kg castings.
 »  The application of AlSi alloy cylinder liners increases the power density of engines,which makes the overall properties much higher and output power be raised at least 15%.
 »  AlSi alloy cylinder liners have excellent friction wearing properties.
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