Composition: Al-50%Si   

Zuoyuan hypereutectic Al-Si alloys are available in the form of plates,
blocks,bars and tubes,or machined and plated components, ready for
manufacturing into different products.

Other Designations:  Silicon aluminum(Al/Si) alloy, AlSi50 alloy, Si/Al alloy, Al-50%Si controlled expansion alloy.

Product Description:

  • AlSi50(Al-50%Si) alloy can be used as substrates for RF circuits and microwave;
  • AlSi50(Al-50%Si)) alloy replacement titanium in Space and Airborne system;
  • AlSi50(Al-50%Si)) alloy can be chosen as radar housing replacement Kovar alloy;
  • Al-50%Si controlled expansion alloy also can be used as transmit and receive modules.


  • Aerospace;
  • RF/microwave packaging;
  • Space system;
  • Optical and optoelectronic housings.


  • Lower weight than titanium;
  • High thermal conductivity;
  • High electrical conductivity(excellent EMI/RF shielding performance);
  • Excellent machinability,weldability and surface plating performance.