Aluminum Alloy 4047/AlSi12

Aluminum Alloy 4047/AlSi12

Composition: Al-12%Si  

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Products Description

Zuoyuan Al4047 as a thermal management material,its processed by rapid solidification provides good corrosion resistance, improved fluidity during welding process with smooth finishes, 
as well as reduced shrinkage. It is suitable for elevated temperature operations. 

Chemical Compositions

Significant Application

Used as lids extremely for hermetic packages due to the excellent weldability.The Al4047/Al-12%Si alloy can achieve the military standard,assure the helium leakage rate below 1×10-9(Pa-m3)/s. 

Zuoyuan 4047 Data Sheet


  • Laser welded covers for microwave integrated circuits;
  • Electronic Housing;
  • Welding filler wires;
  • Liners;
  • Millimeter Wave Field;
  • 4047 housings.


  • Light weight;
  • Excellent welding performance superior to AA4047;
  • Smooth finishes;
  • Readily machinable,plateable.