Basic properties of alsi50 alloy

Basic properties of alsi50 alloy

Silicon aluminum alloy is a composite strong deoxidizer. The density of silicon aluminum alloy is higher than that of pure aluminum, which makes it easier to enter molten steel and has less internal burning loss. The use of silicon-aluminum alloy in the steel refining process, and then the utilization rate is much higher than that of pure aluminum alone. Deoxidation of silicon-aluminum alloy to form a low-melting product can improve the quality of the steel.

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The use of aluminum silicon alloy

Aluminum-silicon alloys have the following uses:
1. In aluminum-silicon alloys whose silicon content exceeds the Al-Si eutectic point (silicon 11.7%), silicon particles can significantly improve the wear resistance of the alloy, forming a class of wear-resistant alloys with a wide range of uses.
2. It is used to manufacture low and medium strength castings with complex shapes, such as cover plates, motor casings, brackets, etc., and is also used as brazing solder.
3. Aluminum-silicon alloy is a kind of strong composite deoxidizer. It can improve the utilization rate of deoxidizer by replacing pure aluminum in the steelmaking process, and can purify molten steel and improve the quality of steel. Ingots deoxidized with aluminum are generally called stabilized steels. Since aluminum is deoxidized and oxidized into alumina, alumina can refine austenite grains, so aluminum deoxidized steels have better comprehensive mechanical properties.
4. Silicon aluminum alloy has low density, low thermal expansion coefficient, good casting performance and anti-wear performance. The alloy castings cast with it have high impact resistance and good high pressure compactness, which can greatly improve the service life. Spacecraft and auto parts.

The use of aluminum silicon alloy

What is the use of silicon aluminum alloy?

In the steelmaking process, both aluminum and ferrosilicon are strong deoxidizers, but aluminum has a low density, low melting point, and is easy to oxidize. Due to its high density and high melting point, ferro-aluminum is easy to sink into molten steel, so its utilization rate can reach 70%. The traditional method of smelting ferrosilicon and aluminum is obtained by melting ferrosilicon and aluminum, which consumes a large amount of aluminum and has high cost. The submerged arc furnace method uses bauxite as the main raw material, which has wide resources and low price, and has broad development prospects.

What is the use of silicon aluminum alloy?

Definition of silicon aluminum alloy

High-silicon aluminum alloy is a binary alloy composed of silicon and aluminum, which is a metal-based thermal management material. High silicon aluminum alloy material can maintain the excellent properties of silicon and aluminum, and the content of silicon and aluminum is quite rich. The density of high-silicon aluminum alloy is between 2.4 and 2.7 g/cm³, and the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) is between 7-20ppm/℃. Increasing the silicon content can significantly reduce the density and thermal expansion coefficient of the alloy material. At the same time, high silicon aluminum alloy also has good thermal conductivity, high specific strength and rigidity, good plating performance with gold, silver, copper, nickel, weldability with substrates, easy precision machining, etc. It is a promising electronic packaging material, especially in high-tech fields such as aerospace, space technology and portable electronic devices.
The preparation methods of high silicon aluminum alloy composite materials mainly include the following: 1. Smelting and casting; 2. Infiltration method; 3. Powder metallurgy; 4. Vacuum hot pressing method; 5. Rapid cooling/spray deposition method.

Definition of silicon aluminum alloy
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We have a rapid solidification process, which is further optimized on the basis of the spray molding process (also known as spray deposition), which is similar to the atomization pulverization process, which sprays molten, atomized metal onto a rotating substrate , the metal forming process of forming metal ingots or billets. . This process has a high solidification rate and a relative density of over 99.2%. After hot working (forging, rolling, extrusion or HIP), the material is processed into a dense product.

Yes. All AlSi alloys can be machined easily, such as CNC, EDM, wire cutting etc.

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