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Ce Alloy Producer | Ce Alloy Production

Cerium-based light rare earths as plant growth regulators can improve crop quality, increase yield and improve crop stress resistance. Used as a feed additive, it can improve the egg production rate of poultry and the survival rate of fish and shrimp farming, and also improve the wool quality of long-wool sheep. Cerium is a low-toxic substance, and a rare earth monograph in the United States says that feeding experiments on mice show that the oral toxicity of cerium-rich light rare earth oxides is comparable to that of oral salt. So far, endemic diseases caused by rare earths have not been found in rare earth rich ore areas. Through a large number of experimental studies, Chinese scientists believe that the agricultural use of rare earths will not cause environmental pollution and will not harm the survival of humans and animals.
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Tianjin Zuoyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in advanced metal material preparation technology research and high-performance metal material development, production and sales. Mainly produces high-silicon aluminum alloy and superhard aluminum alloy, including alloy raw materials, bars, pipes, plates, profiles and so on. Widely used in aerospace, aviation, electronics, automotive, machinery and petroleum industry and other sophisticated fields.

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ce alloy | fusion method

Aluminum rare earth alloy has excellent properties such as small specific gravity, high strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, etc. It has wide application prospects and great development breadth and depth. Cerium has always been a "bad" by-product in rare earth mining, with a relatively high added value However, the development and application of aluminum-cerium alloys in the fields of aero-engines and vehicle internal combustion engines has made the demand for cerium and aluminum-cerium alloys increasingly strong. Therefore, the research on the preparation process and properties of aluminum-cerium alloys is important for It is of great significance to improve the value of cerium products and promote the balanced and healthy development of the rare earth industry. At present, the main production method of aluminum alloys is fusion method.

ce alloy | fusion method

Cerium metal

Cerium is also used as an excellent environmental protection material, and the most representative application at present is the catalyst for automobile exhaust purification. Adding cerium to the commonly used three-way catalysts of precious metals (platinum, rhodium, palladium, etc.) can improve catalyst performance and reduce the amount of precious metals. The main pollutants in automobile exhaust are carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides, which will affect human hematopoiesis. function, form photochemical toxic fumes and produce carcinogens, causing damage to humans, animals and plants. The three-way purification catalytic technology can fully oxidize hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide to generate carbon dioxide and water, and decompose nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and oxygen (hence the name three-way catalysis). Precious metals such as platinum, rhodium and palladium are excellent catalytic materials for exhaust gas purification. However, they are expensive and have high requirements on engines and gasoline, which limit their wide application. Adding cerium to the catalyst can significantly reduce the amount of precious metals and improve the catalytic performance, which greatly reduces the price of the catalyst. In the United States, automobile exhaust purification catalysts have become the largest user of rare earth consumption. Cerium oxide can also be used as a photocatalyst with nano-titanium oxide, which is used in antibacterial ceramics and oxygen-rich ion environmental protection coatings.

Cerium metal

Cerium aluminum

It mainly includes cerium-based pure aluminum coating and epoxy vinyl ester paint coating. The cerium-based pure aluminum coating is a thermal spray coating with aluminum as raw material and cerium element added. The epoxy vinyl ester paint coating is cerium Sealing layer and functional coating of Ce aluminum thermal spray coating. The weight percentage of cerium-based pure aluminum coating is 0.05-0.50%, other impurities iron + copper + silicon ≤ 0.30%, the balance is aluminum, and magnesium can also be added as an auxiliary. The production method of pure aluminum coating is as follows: It is processed into wire or powder to make a Ce aluminum spray coating on the steel surface by thermal spraying technology. The epoxy vinyl ester paint coating is made of epoxy vinyl ester resin as raw material, and carbonized silicon and aluminum powder or aluminum powder slurry are added. Epoxy vinyl ester paint is used as the sealing layer, intermediate layer and surface layer of Ce series aluminum coating, and other paints can also replace one or all of them.

Cerium aluminum
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We have been sourcing high-silicon aluminum alloy from Tianjin Zuoyuan for several years now, and their consistently top-notch quality has been instrumental in our aerospace projects. Their dedication to precision and reliability sets them apart in the industry.


The superhard aluminum alloy products from Tianjin Zuoyuan have truly exceeded our expectations. We rely on their materials for our cutting-edge electronics manufacturing, and they've never let us down. Excellent products and exceptional service!


Tianjin Zuoyuan's high-silicon aluminum alloy products have played a pivotal role in our advanced machinery manufacturing. Their consistency in delivering high-quality materials and their attention to detail make them our go-to supplier.


As a leading player in the petroleum industry, we demand the best materials, and Tianjin Zuoyuan consistently delivers. Their superhard aluminum alloy products have improved our drilling operations significantly, and their partnership approach is truly valued.

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Tianjin Zuoyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the research of advanced metal material preparation technology and the development, production and sales of high-performance metal materials. With the valuable experience accumulated over the years in the field of non-ferrous metal development and the integration of advanced automation control technology, Zhongyuan has achieved remarkable results in the field of high-performance metal materials and has become an innovative enterprise with strong competitiveness in this field. The superhard aluminum alloys and high wear-resistant aluminum alloys developed by the company have been successfully applied in high-end fields such as aerospace, satellite communications, and auto parts industries.

We have a rapid solidification process, which is further optimized on the basis of the spray molding process (also known as spray deposition), which is similar to the atomization pulverization process, which sprays molten, atomized metal onto a rotating substrate , the metal forming process of forming metal ingots or billets. . This process has a high solidification rate and a relative density of over 99.2%. After hot working (forging, rolling, extrusion or HIP), the material is processed into a dense product.

Yes. All AlSi alloys can be machined easily, such as CNC, EDM, wire cutting etc.

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