what are s225 alloys

what are s225 alloys

s225 alloys have good properties of resistance to reactive gas, caustic medium, and corrosion resistance of reducing acid medium, and have the characteristics of high strength, good plasticity, hot and cold deformation, processing and welding, and are widely used in petrochemical industry. , metallurgy, atomic energy, marine development, aviation, aerospace and other industries, it is a very important corrosion-resistant metal material to solve engineering corrosion problems that general stainless steel and other metals and non-metallic materials cannot solve.

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The prospect of home appliance metals such as copper, zinc and nickel

Made of zinc-aluminum alloy welding wire, the working end is not easily deformed, the number of trimmings is small, the service life is high, and electricity consumption is saved: it is made into a burner for gas welding and gas cutting, which has good thermal stability at high temperature and stable operation.
It is stable and has a long service life; it is made into a mold on the continuous casting production line of the metallurgical industry, with reliable performance and long service life; it can be made into plastic and glass forming molds, which can improve production efficiency, and at the same time make
The surface of the finished product is smooth and beautiful: it is made into safety tools such as fireproof and explosion-proof to ensure safety.
Materials are widely used in aerospace, automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, shipbuilding, stainless steel profiles, aluminum profiles, can making, electronic cabinets and tableware industries. It is a first-generation cathode welding electrode material and copper alloy material, which can replace expensive imported products.

The prospect of home appliance metals such as copper, zinc and nickel

What is the material of copper alloy welding wire

Copper alloy welding wire refers to copper alloy wire that is directly used as filler metal or as electrode at the same time during welding. There are two types of brass wires (SCuZn-1~sciiZn-5, with the increase of the sequence number, the Cu content decreases) and bronze wires (SCuSn, SCuAl, SCuSi). SCuZn-5 welding wire contains 0.3% to 0.7% silicon (also known as silicon brass welding wire), which can prevent the evaporation of Zn and improve the fluidity, frame resistance and corrosion resistance of the weld metal. The SCuZn-4 welding wire contains 0.35%~1.2% iron, which improves the strength and hardness of the weld metal and has better fluidity. ScuAl welding wire contains 7%~9% Al (also known as aluminum bronze welding wire), which refines grains and improves joint strength and plasticity. And it has good resistance to strong fire. Si in the silicon bronze silk can effectively control the growth of Zn, and obtain full-green mechanical properties. In order to remove impurities and machine defects, when choosing the lining, the homogeneous welding wire should be selected, and dry copper alloy welding, welding repair and surfacing welding can be used, and dry gas welding of brass and brazing copper, gray cast iron and steel can also be used. , can also be used for inlaid carbide tools.

What is the material of copper alloy welding wire

What kind of aluminum alloy is the zinc-aluminum alloy welding wire?

Zinc-aluminum alloy welding wire is a composite brazing material composed of zinc-aluminum alloy on the outside and white fluoride flux on the inner layer. The white flux is non-hygroscopic, non-corrosive, and does not require cleaning after welding. At present, it is mainly used in flame brazing of copper and aluminum alloy, brass and aluminum alloy, aluminum alloy and aluminum alloy, high-frequency induction brazing, and furnace brazing.
  Zinc-aluminum alloy welding wire contains high-purity cesium fluoride flux, which is non-corrosive and has very high activity, which can effectively remove oxides on the surface of copper and aluminum pipes. Flux-cored welding wire mainly has three forms: disc, strip and ring. It is an ideal material for brazing copper tube and aluminum tube.

What kind of aluminum alloy is the zinc-aluminum alloy welding wire?
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Tianjin Zuoyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the research of advanced metal material preparation technology and the development, production and sales of high-performance metal materials. With the valuable experience accumulated over the years in the field of non-ferrous metal development and the integration of advanced automation control technology, Zhongyuan has achieved remarkable results in the field of high-performance metal materials and has become an innovative enterprise with strong competitiveness in this field. The superhard aluminum alloys and high wear-resistant aluminum alloys developed by the company have been successfully applied in high-end fields such as aerospace, satellite communications, and auto parts industries.

We have a rapid solidification process, which is further optimized on the basis of the spray molding process (also known as spray deposition), which is similar to the atomization pulverization process, which sprays molten, atomized metal onto a rotating substrate , the metal forming process of forming metal ingots or billets. . This process has a high solidification rate and a relative density of over 99.2%. After hot working (forging, rolling, extrusion or HIP), the material is processed into a dense product.

Yes. All AlSi alloys can be machined easily, such as CNC, EDM, wire cutting etc.

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