Ce Alloy | New aluminum alloy is more heat-resistant

Ce Alloy | New aluminum alloy is more heat-resistant

The castability of ce alloy is comparable to that of aluminum-silicon alloys, which is very easy to process, and the stability of intermetallic compounds eliminates many heat treatment links. The heat resistance of aluminum-cerium alloys is more suitable for internal combustion engines. Measurements show that the new alloys remain stable at 300°C (572°F), the temperature at which traditional alloys have begun to melt. Additionally, the stability of the new alloy reduces the need for heat treatment. Aluminum-cerium alloys can not only directly improve the fuel efficiency of the engine through operating temperature, but also through the use of small aluminum base components or the use of aluminum alloys instead of cast iron in light engines such as cylinder blocks, transmissions and cylinder heads.

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Tianjin Zuoyuan New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech company specializing in the research of advanced metal material preparation technology and the development, production and sales of high-performance metal materials. With the valuable experience accumulated over the years in the field of non-ferrous metal development and the integration of advanced automation control technology, Zhongyuan has achieved remarkable results in the field of high-performance metal materials and has become an innovative enterprise with strong competitiveness in this field. The superhard aluminum alloys and high wear-resistant aluminum alloys developed by the company have been successfully applied in high-end fields such as aerospace, satellite communications, and auto parts industries.

We have a rapid solidification process, which is further optimized on the basis of the spray molding process (also known as spray deposition), which is similar to the atomization pulverization process, which sprays molten, atomized metal onto a rotating substrate , the metal forming process of forming metal ingots or billets. . This process has a high solidification rate and a relative density of over 99.2%. After hot working (forging, rolling, extrusion or HIP), the material is processed into a dense product.

Yes. All AlSi alloys can be machined easily, such as CNC, EDM, wire cutting etc.

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